TextRider Service

4lessboutique.com  provides a local transportation service:

  • City of Spartanburg transport service: 
  • County of Spartanburg transportation service


Base price for all local service is $12.50 for a minimum of 10 miles. Extra charge may be applied by the driver if service is over the 12 miles radius of your pick up. TextRider.com Taxi or Food delivery service welcomes good tippers but it is not required. Passenger is required to provide a pick up location and drop off location. In case there is no driver available at the time of the service, your credit or debit card will be credited. TextRider transportation or Taxi will do the best to provide you a driver upon request. This service is not available every where but we will do our best to accommodate your request. 

In order to track your driver, once placed your request, your service provider will send you a link. Make sure you have waze GPS for tracking. 

Get Started here for your Taxi/ RideSharing or Food Delivery Service. if you want to pay with credit or debit card.

Pay with cash is limited due to Covid 19 or depends on Driver. 

Food Delivery, pay with cash upon delivery.

Taxi/ RideSharing, pay with cash up pick up


Thank you.